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Active Optical Cable

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Active Optical Cable
Active Optical Cable
LB Lusem's active optical cable products is installer friendly product which makes installation & operation of AV system equipments easy. It could be applied on various environments such as digital signage and business / place of worship / hospital / school / military. It overcomes weakness of conventional copper wired cable such as signal deterioration / loss / transmission distance / weight / thickness and perfectly suitable for UHD(4K/60Hz, HDR) signal. Both ends of the cable are equipped with optical devices and semiconductors that convert electrical signals and optical signals which works by electric power of source device. Since it only requires less than 0.5 wattage only from the source device, it could be used just like conventional cable (plug & play). It also has very good tensile strengh up to 500N(50Kg) and featured with high quality flame retardant cable jacket like UL Plenum rated jacket for US, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jacket for EU and Thermo Poly Urethane for outdoor usage.
Line Up
DVI-D (Single) Rental & Staging
Unit Image
Data Rate 10.2Gbps 18Gbps (6G/ch) 4.95Gbps (1.65/ch) 21.6Gbps (5.4G/lace) All Model
Resolution 30Hz (4:4:4) 60Hz (4:4:4) 60Hz
60Hz (4:4:4) All Model
Support function HDCP(1.3), EDID, CEC HDCP(2.2), EDID, CEC HDCP, EDID HDCP(2.2), EDID, CEC HDCP(2.2), EDID, CEC
Length (m) max. 100m max. 100m max. 100m max. 100m max. 100m
Power Consumption 0.25W (5V) 0.25W (5V) 0.25W (5V) 0.11W (3.3 V) 3.3 ~ 5.0V
CE Class 1 / Class B Class 1 / Class B Class 1 / Class B Class 1 / Class B Class 1 / Class B
Bending Radius 6㎜ 6㎜ 6㎜ 6㎜ T.B.D
tensile force & pressure loading 500N (50㎏) 500N (50㎏) 500N (50㎏) 500N (50㎏) 500N (50㎏)
Product Usage
  • Indoor Video / Audio System, Projector, Camera
  • Digital signage, KIOSK, Video-Wall, DID
  • Control Tower, Situation Room, School, Church, Hospital, Meeting Room
  • For home use (home theater, 3D game, professional video / audio system, etc.)
  • ACT (Compliance Test)
  • UL Certificate
  • FCC Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • HDMI Licensing
  • Laser Safety
  • KC Certificate


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