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Quality management policy All employees of LBLusem operate a quality management system that prioritizes customer values, from product planning stage to development, production, sales and service, under the management philosophy of "Value Creation for Customers" Will fulfill its responsibilities and authority.
  • 1Production / supply of products without customer complaint
  • 2Proper management
  • 3Achieve the best technology through cost reduction
  • 4Eliminate inefficiency and waste to improve job value
  • 5Expansion of market share by strengthening sales force
  • 6Achieved shipment quality ZERO PPM
We will make continuous improvement through system promotion.
We will do our best to become the first company in the world by engaging in education and training for all members and joining the will of the CEO.
Environmental Management Policy All employees of LBLusem will continue to improve their environmental targets by selecting the semiconductor (drive IC, etc.) produced by the company as their top priority and the environment for their business and service. We will create safe, pleasant, environmentally friendly, zero-accident workplaces.
  • 1Establish environmental standards above international treaties and domestic laws, and establish effective management systems to create effective results.
  • 2Preventing environmental pollution and disasters by continuous improvement activities and introduction of new technologies for the environment.
  • 3Minimize environmental impacts when developing all products and consider environment the highest priority in all aspects of business activities.
  • 4Supports the education and training of all personnel performing work on behalf of employees and organizations for environmental activities.
  • 5All employees adhere strictly to the basic environmental rules and actively take part in volunteer activities for the community.
All employees of LBLusem disclose their environmental policy to stakeholders. By recognizing and implementing their responsibilities under this policy to our products and service providers, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibility for the environment.
Safety and Health Management Policy LBLusem is a manufacturing company that manufactures semiconductors (Drive IC, etc.). All employees are deeply aware of the importance of safety and health for their work and service in their respective fields of activity. In addition to complying with safety and health laws and other requirements, we will promote continuous improvement and mutual cooperation to prevent accidents and create workplaces without accidents.
  • 1 Establish safety and health-related standards in accordance with international agreements and domestic laws, and establish effective management systems to create effective results.
  • 2Prevent disasters by continuous improvement activities and inspections for a pleasant and safe workplace.
  • 3Minimizing the risk factors of the work process and keeping a comfortable work environment are the top priority.
  • 4Support training and training for all officers who perform work on behalf of employees and organizations for safety and health culture creation.
  • 5All employees and employees shall comply with the basic rules of safety and health thoroughly and actively lead the improvement of the safety and health of all employees.
All LBLusem employees and partner companies will fulfill their responsibility for safety and health through education and training by recognizing and implementing safety and health policies to stakeholders, products and service providers in accordance with their responsibilities under this policy .
Ethical Policy All employees of LBLusem fulfill their responsibilities and responsibilities to customers, employees,the nation and the society, and observe and practice ethics policy through the right judgment and action
of the members.
We respect the free-market economic order aiming at free and fair competition, pursue common interests with all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation, and create real results based on our ability
to win in competition through this. It develops.
  • 1 We honor our members, develop mutually with our partners through fair trade, provide the best value honestly to our customers through fair competition with competitors, and fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to our shareholders and society.
  • 2As an employee of LBLusem, we fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to establish and falsify the culture of ethical management within the organization.


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